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What is UX (User Experience)?

The user experience aims to help the site and the visitors reach their targets as soon as possible by directing all the process of the site's visitors. User experience operations also increase the intra-site sales and conversion rates and increase the profitability of the sites.

How We Do?

User Experience (UX) Goals

Kullanıcı Deneyimi Hedefleri
Increasing Conversion Rates

Strategies are created for the conversions we are targeting. In order to increase these rates, regulations are made on the site.

  • Sales Rate
  • Mail Collection Rate
  • Telephone call(s) rate
  • Form-Filling Rate
Reducing tht Output Rates

Pages which were exited from the most on the site are analyzed, the reasons of exits are determined and improvements are made on pages for users.

Increasing the Staying on the page rate

For increasing time spent on page, landing pages and user audience are analyzed.

Increasing the View rate

Site's directions and link are optimized in order to increase page navigation numbers per user.

How do we reach these goals?

Getting to know your user mass
Getting to know your user mass
Fixing the errors on the website
Error detection and Repairs
By Developing All the Processes in Your Site
In-Site Optimization and Enhancements

User Experience (UX) Analyses

Heatmap (Heat Map) Analysis

We analyze the most visited, viewed and clicked parts of the visitors on the site. We organize points where they are experiencing problems. We experience the site through the eyes of the visitors. By doing so, we position the conversion buttons, useful links and advertisements on the site at the right place.


Form Test

We minimize the visitors' difficulties when they sign up for new accounts, access their accounts and use the contact forms on the site by observing them with a heat map. By doing this, we are increasing the number of new members and users. We review the click-through rates of each box on the forms and make adjustments in the sections that deter the user.

Form Testi

Scrollmap Analysis

Facts like how far the user scrolls down, which column is more exciting helps us place the site elements in the correct places. Finding and correcting where users are distracted by the heavily-loaded-with-content pages in your site increases the user experience and increases the reading time of the content.

Scrollmap Analizi

User Registration Tracking

By recording their navigation on your site, we are able to identify the mouse movements, focuses and missed points, offer user-based individual solutions and optimize the experience of all users.

UX İncelemesi

Acıbadem: UX examination and patient registration form conversions increased by 44.7%

At the end of our analysis, we found that 15% of the Acıbadem Landing Page visitors scrolled down to the footer. These changes were performed after noticing the fact that the 15% of the visitors to the site used 85% the test and forms placed at the bottom of the web page.

After testing the positioning in several different stages, a 44.7% increase in patient registration rates was achieved by placing the form in the "above the fold" position.

  • % 44.7

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