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SEO From Expert

Are you ready to learn SEO with the experiences and insights of Kaan Gülten, the founder of Webtures London and seohocasi.com? The first book of the SEO industry is out now with its 34th edition!

Uzmanından SEO

What will this book teach you about SEO?

Along with Google's latest updates, you'll learn about SEO's technical side, the use of tools Google offers free of charge to website owners, and you'll learn about paid SEO tools to help you perform detailed analysis.

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What is SEO?

Newcomers to the sector can take a glance at what SEO is and isn't, and they can also learn about SEO terms.

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SEO Perspective

How can we satisfy our visitors and Google bots at the same time? How should we perceive SEO? The answer to the questions is in our book.

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Google Services

We have written the tricks and unknowns of the use of service tools for analysis and measurement in successful SEO strategies.

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SEO Tools

How can we use SEO tools most effectively in competitor and competition analysis? We have written tips on the effective use of SEO tools to get ahead of your competitors.

About the Author of Uzmanından SEO

Kaan Gülten

Kaan Gulten, who started his work in the field of SEO in 2007, has actively entered the sector in 2009 with his website seohocasi.com. His first book, "Uzmanından SEO", received the best seller title of the sector and the publisher, and he managed to fulfill the information gap within the sector through his articles on SEO and his book. Along with his second book, "Sorularla SEO", the books now achieved a significant success with a total sales rate of 54,000 copies. Gülten, who founded Webtures London in 2011, has been providing SEO, digital marketing and UX services to many brands with its team of 35 people for the last 6 years.

As an enterprise that reaches a team of 35 people from zero, Webtures London is also one of the rare examples of success without receiving investment funds.

CEO @ Webtures

Sorularla SEO

The book gives answers to questions of experts in the sector that come in line with the information need in interpreting the algorithms, Google's perspective and vision of the development process. The book has been updated from the 1st to 29th edition. Like Google, it has become a unique resource where you can learn to think, work, and develop business.

Uzmanından SEO

Uzmanından SEO

The first book of the sector, Uzmanından SEO, made the fastest breakthrough by releasing its second edition in just a month, with its total sales figure it assumed the title of the publisher's best selling book. Uzmanından SEO has become a "brand" book on SEO and it keeps selling with its 33rd edition that contains the most current algorithms.

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