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Yıldız Mobilya

With Yıldız Mobilya, whom we started to work with in 2014, we have increased the organic traffic by 185% in total in 3 years.

Yıldız Mobilya

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Yıldız Mobilya

Yıldız Mobilya SEO Process

We primarily focused on in-site SEO during our work with Yıldız Mobilya. We have removed errors that affect the general SEO health of the site and determined keywords. After reaching a decision on keywords, we have created in-site landing pages. Since these landing pages we created are completely SEO friendly; we have made similar arrangements for other categories, subcategories and products throughout the site.

After getting a complete grasp of the competitors and the sector via our sector and competitor analyses, we have proceeded to out-of-site SEO work.

While conducting work in accordance with algorithm updates of 2014, we have continuously improved our work in accordance with algorithm updates we expected to come in the following years.

Below is a graph of 3 year organic traffic change.

As seen in the graph, Yıldız Mobilya was not affected from the algorithm updates as much as other sites, and organic traffic has increased more and more every year.

The increase based on years;

  • 2014 – 2015
    20% from 52,691 to 63,195
  • 2015 - 2016
    30% from 63.195 to 82.383
  • 2016 - 2017
    82% from 82,282 to 150,326

From the beginning to today, the traffic has been increased by 185%.


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