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Vacation In Summer Villa

Through adjustments we made on the AdWords account of one of the most popular villa rental sites in yazlikvilladatatil.com, we have increased the number of bookings by three times in a month!

Vacation In Summer Villa
Vacation In Summer Villa

Vacation In Summer Villa ADS Process

How did we achieve that?

  • We have made the phone numbers on the site click-and-call compatible
  • We have generated exclusive event codes for Zopim and phone clicks and defined them as conversion
  • We optimize our AdWords campaign conversion-oriented, thus making our advertising more likely to be shown to people with a high probability of making phone calls or communicating through Zopim.
  • We have implemented a special budget and bidding strategy exclusive to campaigns and keywords that we have obtained the most phone call or Zopim conversion through.
  • We re-optimized deficient or malformed campaign setups.
  • We increased traffic and conversion numbers by establishing unformed effective campaigns.

As a result of these and other continuous optimization, we have increased phone calls and the number of bookings by 3 times!

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