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How did Uyumsoft achieve 163% organic traffic increase and 819% SEO visibility growth in the first year?


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Uyumsoft SEO Process

What did we do?

With Uyumsoft, one of the top firms in Turkey on ERP, CRM and e-transformation (e-invoice, e-ledger, e-archive) applications, we have increased the organic traffic by 163% at the end of a year, as a result of work done in accordance with sector dynamics. We have caught a 819% momentum in its SEO visibility situation.

What were our goals?

Uyumsoft's flagship was ERP, CRM and e-transformation applications. It was far behind of competitors in majority of these words, in fact, it did not even rank within top 100 search results. Our primary goal was to create content in accordance with sector-specific terms, in order to create the required in-site and out-of-site link structure and get into rankings. Then we followed sector-specific search trends and targeted having the edge on our competitors in order to gain permanent ground in this ever-growing sector.

How did we achieve that?

When the work with Uyumsoft has begun, its general SEO visibility was pretty low, compared to competitors. In order to compete with other competitors in the sector on the organic side, the level of competitors needed to be reached. In this direction; we have begun determining keywords that receive traffic for our competitors, search trends in this ever-growing sector of ERP and e-transformation, and words that constitute a search volume.

By monitoring momentum of words with newly-formed search volumes, we have made plans for creating content in a much faster way than our opponents. Thanks to this, we were able to receive more traffic than our competitors before search volumes of words reach a certain competition level. Thus, we were able to provide right answers to question patterns used by users in their searches about this newly-developing sector.

In 2015, monthly average search volume of the term ERP was around 2000. Within a year, it has registered the competition level in the sector by first reaching 6000, and then reaching 9000. While it was not even ranked among ERP and c-commerce applications, we have succeeded in carrying it to first place through our in-site and out-of-site link building, content related to competitive words, and user experience analyses.

We caught an even faster momentum after each algorithm update within the process. This became a situation that we encounter frequently as an indicator of correct creation of in-site and out-of-site strategies.

In addition to organic works, Uyumsoft also planned various advertising works and supported this, so we were able to make a name for it and establish trust.


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