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After 9 months of SEO work, we have increased the SEO visibility by 8 times. As a result of our SEO work, we have increased the organic traffic from 2.636 on July 1, 2017 to 21.810 as of March 30,2018.


Customer Reviews

Webtures'ın Dijital Melek Yatırımcılığı sayesinde sadece yarım yılda Otsimo’nun içeriklerini 2 kat daha çok kişiye ulaştırmayı başardık. Otsimo’nun içeriklerinin daha çok kişiye ulaşması demek bizim hem daha çok çocuğa yardım etmemiz demek hem de Otsimo’nun daha çok kişi tarafından deneyimlenmesi demek. Artık otizm konusunda Türkiye'deki en büyük 3 websitesinden biriyiz.
Cihan Oklap
Cihan Oklap
Marketing & Growth Manager
Otsimo için gerçekten en yararlı projelerden biri oldu. @Webtures London tarafından aldığımız SEO desteği sayesinde arama motoru görünürlüğümüzü 10 katına çıkarttık.
Zafer Elcik
Zafer Elcik
Co Founder

Otsimo SEO Process

Otsimo is a project, which is among winners of Digita Angel Investor Program in the first term.

Otsimo offers highly qualified education required for autistic children via tablet devices. Otsimo is an application that contains plenty of educational games.

Opinions of Mr. Cihan from Otsimo

"Thanks to Webtures' Digital Angel Investment, we succeeded in delivering Otsimo's content to twice as many people in just half a year. The fact that contents of Otsimo is reaching more people means that we can help more children and more people can experience Otsimo. Now we are one of the top 3 websites on autism in Turkey."

What is our main objective?

We try to reach autistic children and their families. To support them even if just a bit, and to share the load on their shoulders.

We initially started our work by researching every aspect of Autism. We identified the search engines used by the parents of children with autism. As a result of the research, we have determined 40 generic and 120 long tail words.  After identifying the targeted keywords, we have created SEO compatible pages toward identified words.

Technical In-Site SEO Issues

The Issue of Clone Content: We have detected that some content within the site repeated itself a couple of times with different URL structures, and we have directed these repeated pages to their original pages with 301.

H tags: We have determined that H tags within the site were not used in a specific hierarchy and there were no H tags at all on many pages. We have restored H tags in a much more productive structure, by creating H tag strategies specific to category and detail pages.

Broken Links: We have detected that there are links on our site to pages that were active previously, but go to 404 now; we have revised all of these links and directed them to their correct pages.

Harmful Links: We have detected approximately 30 links that we thought to be harmful to our site and blocked them; later on, we have controlled these operations within a 2 week period.

Pages With Low Added Value: We have determined inefficient pages and cleaned those, therefore ensured that there are more valuable pages on our site.

Long Tail Strategy

We have created content in 120 different words we have determined on the long tail side, and almost all of these created content ranked in top 5. We ranked in top positions in numerous search derivatives in long tail words, such as 'how to cure autism' and 'age 3 autism education'.

In addition to targeted keywords and long tails, we have detected all words that we are on the second page of, and carried these pages to first page by structuring them in a SEO compatible way. In addition to this work, we have formed a strong link building by directing from pages we have created on the long tail side to generic keywords.


As a result of our SEO work, we have increased the organic traffic from 2.636 on July 1, 2017 to 21.810 as of March 30,2018.


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