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With ITOPIA, two of our main objectives were to create a roadmap to increase visibility on the organic side and transform into the most trendy IT e-commerce platform to please users. Within 5 months we have realized organic traffic growth of up to 1750% with our SEO and UX work plans.


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Itopya SEO and UX Success

’itopya.com is a new retain chain in information technologies; With a strong e-commerce mentality, it is a brand that has the principle of working with customer satisfaction including its experienced staff and strong steps to gain sector difference'.

Our goal is to become a leader company both in gaming products and IT solutions in a very short time. From personal users to corporate companies, every user who needs technology, offers the best advantages for the best solution. With the awareness of the service we provide, we offer the products that we market with our sales support, technical support team, customers and business partners. Always satisfied customer, happy staff.”

Our Main Focus

Create a roadmap to increase visibility on the organic traffic side of ITOPIA and transform users into the most trendy IT e-commerce platform to satisfy.


Basic Onpage SEO Problems

  • Category URLs: We had to re-edit the URLs. The confusing phrases at the end of URL have completely removed such as /islemci-3.html and replaced by /bilgisayar-parcalari/ana-parcalar/islemci/ also we waited for a while to lead all previous URL structures with 301 command.
  • Product page URL structures: In URL structures of the products, there have been unnecessary dashs. Consequently, this caused the URL to be long and a solution was needed. In a short time, we converted them into a "-" (single dash) on the software side.
  • Breadcrumb: We integrated breadcrumb diagram in product listing and product detail pages; http://take.ms/SYg6m. As product URLs were quite long, they would appear as "..." in Google search results. To prevent this, we integrated Breadcrumb diagram.
  • Brand filtering: We had to separate the categories such as processor, motherboard and so on, because people were searching these products with brand names. So when they go to the "Processor" category and choose "AMD" or "Intel" in brand filtering, the title and description change accordingly.

For example;

https://www.itopya.com/amd/processor/ - will only give you the "AMD Processor ..." heading when entered.

https://www.itopya.com/intel-amd/islemci/ - will only give you the ''AMD, Intel Processor...'' heading when entered.

https://www.itopya.com/bilgisayar-parcalari/ana-parcalar/islemci/ will only give you '' The Processor'' heading when entered.

  • Crawl Errors: we have completed this process impetuously detecting server-borne, out-of-browser pages and 404 issues. On the 404 error pages in particular, a considerable amount of effort was spent in the process of relocating the pages.
  • 404 Error Page: 404 error pages were quite simple. A white page; http://take.ms/mxdYy. We had to change it and by creating a particular 404 error page (http://take.ms/PzVi7), we directed to the main page after a short wait. Thereafter completing the 301 redirect process, we were free from the error pages.
  • Duplicate Content: We needed to make copy contents unique. The title, description and other meta tags of the hundreds of pages were the same. We created a custom template for each page so that they all have their own meta tag.
User Experiance (UX) Process
  • Design and Technical Analysis Report:
    • When visitors were asked to score a product, only the page was refreshed without any action being taken. We had to give a warning to that. So, we suggested to put ''Please sign up to vote'' button.
    • Some products did not have images. When the products were clicked, there were "similar products" at the bottom, which had a bad effect on the users. Therefore, we have been notified that these products should be identified and revised.
    • We have also commented on the comments the users have written on the products. Despite having a comment for the product, he repeated the same comment in the form of a slider: Click here.
    • Users who didn’t sign up had a blank page when they clicked the “Wish List" link in the top and bottom menu. Normally this page is only for members, so we had to warn them and we reached to a solution: Click here.
    • Likewise users who were not members were only seeing the "Login" button when they went to the basket page. After logging in, users who do not want to register should click on the "click to register" button again. On behalf of the users, we changed this status to "Log in or Register" on the Basket page. Click here.
  • Data Analysis:
    • Saat ve Gün performansı, mobil performansı, iniş sayfaları, tüm trafik kaynakları ve genel sayfa analizleri baz alınarak analiz gerçekleştirilir ve ona göre datalara göre en uygun olabilecek öneriler verilir.
Off page SEO Process
  • Keyword: The target user to focus on had to be identified. Since the site is just newer, we think it would be much more accurate to point to the "long tail" keyword and focused on them. In order to increase the quality of the brand name search, we have worked on 30 keywords and their derivatives. You can find the ranking comparison between February and June 2017 in this spreadsheet.
  • We were providing reference linking to category and brand-based words at regular intervals, including references to competitors' best practices for our brand, if necessary. Especially viral studies for the ITOPYA Store, opened on March 25, 2017, brought traffic with a considerable share on the reference side according to our measurements.
Local SEO
  • Maps: The ITOPYA brand was not well known. Therefore, when "itopya" was written in the search engines, the search for "utopia" was shown as a suggestion. We need to implement a strategy in order for search engines to differantiate our brand. for this reason we preferred Local SEO as a priority. We've added all the branding information by opening a business profile on Google My Business and Yandex Maps.
Social Media
  • We had to apply the PR work we did for the brand in the local SEO on the social media side too. We started to keep all of our social media accounts active, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, in the most effective way possible. At this point people began to hear, share, and interpret the ITOPYA brand through social media.

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