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BKM Kitap

As a result of SEO works, we have reached a 202% traffic increase rate, increasing the organic traffic, which was 100.263 on February 28, 2017 to 202.664 as of March 31, 2018.

BKM Kitap
BKM Books

BKM Kitap SEO and ADS Process

BKM KİTAP is a bookstore located in Bursa, and is also the biggest bookstore in Turkey and Europe.

We have met BKM Kitap on Febrary 28, 2017. As a result of SEO works carried out from the date on which we have started the work to March 31, 2018; the organic traffic was increased from 100.263 to 202.664 on March 31, 2018, resulting in a 102% traffic increase rate.

  • During the working process, we have detected areas that we lack in by analyzing the sector and competitors in detail, determined in-site and out-of-site working strategies toward the needs of the site, and began our working process.
  • We have analyzed our site through approximately 150 SEO criteria that we determined on the in-site SEO part. After analyses, we have determined that the site's infrastructure would not meet the requested arrangements and suggested that they would establish another infrastructure. In accordance with these suggestions, BKM Kitap made an agreement with another e-commerce firm and had them prepare a new infrastructure in line with our suggestions.
  • In order to increase our traffic and SEO visibility, we have set target keywords.
  • We determined the words with which the competitors in the sector had the most traffic and conducted a general optimization work within the site for these words.
  • We have formed relevant categories that are suitable with current search engine algorithms for determined keywords.
  • In addition to targeted keywords, we have determined long tail words that would support generic keywords. In this way, we doubled the advancement process of generic keywords.
  • About titles we have determined on the long tail side, we have created a blog structure that is specific to the site, and ensured that these pages would be transmitted.
  • On the UX side, we have made certain suggestions by examining user behavior in order to increase the interaction within the site. We have enabled development in many areas from mobile and desktop to the shopping cart process.
  • In the UX data analysis; we have made analyses based on hourly and daily performance, mobile performance, landing pages, all traffic sources and general page analyses, and we have made suggestions that would be most suitable with the received data.
  • We have regularly checked harmful links and instantly blocked links we thought to be harmful for the site.
  • By switching to paging system in category pages, we both made the user experience easier and strengthened the categories by indexing with numerous pages on that category.
  • We reached the first page in 41 out of 50 targeted keywords. 10 of these words are among the top 5.
  • While we were on the first page in 150 keywords in total before we started to work, we are on the first page in 850 keywords after the work.
  • We have increased our SEO visibility from 2,900 to around 8,800.


In addition to target keywords, we created pages related to long tail words we have determined; by doing this, not only did we support target keywords, but we have also increased the organic traffic. As a result of our SEO works, we have reached a 102% traffic increase rate, increasing the organic traffic which was 100.263 on February 28, 2017 to 202.664 as of March 31, 2018.


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