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Anne Dükkan

With Anne Dükkan, we made up to 6 kata in organic traffic by performing SEO works as short as 2 months.

Anne Dükkan
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Anne Dükkan

Anne Dükkan SEO and UX Process

We applied our analysis to correct only the in-site SEO health during the first 10 days of the working period.

After editing the basic criteria in the page, we performed revision operations like url structures, breadcrumbs, category contents, paging structures, canonical tags. Later, we created our work plan with industry, competitor and keyword analysis and started work.

We aim to get traffic from not only product searches but also information-oriented searches, which might be related to Anne Dükkan, by identifying about 50 different long tail blog headlines such as how to choose the best baby diaper, which type of baby carriage to use.

With all these services, we would like to improve the conversion along with the UX workings and monitor the user's experience and suggest the on-site optimization procedures. Along with this arrangement, we have gained a great momentum on the organic side.

Before our work started, our organic traffic was 4.469, which we increased 5 times to 20,515 in the first month. The next time we were able to reach organic traffic of 34,766.

Yet a 2-month study of the end result of about 5-fold increase in organic traffic Annedukkan.com, the sector will show the name will show.

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