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What is SEO and how it works?

Jessie Gargeio
Jessie Gargeio
5 months ago 121 Views

Hi, I would like to inquire about SEO. I want to do SEO for my website, but can you help me with?

What is SEO and how it works? Answers

  • Jessie Evans
    Jessie Evans 21 February 2020 at 17:45


    Doing SEO consists in reading and understanding the strategy followed by the search engines and following the paths, and then creating a strategy for websites.

    In summary, we can say that understanding SEO Search engines.

    For example, analyzing and analyzing how search engine bots understand websites for the best search query is part of the SEO industry.

    The content you add / add to your website should not be copies, but directly relevant and industry-specific.

    You need to accurately identify the keywords of the industry. You should increase your performance by creating content related to these words, opening pages specific to these content, making in-page optimizations in accordance with current algorithms, and regular checkups. Since there are about 200 criteria, we cannot say that you should apply the following criteria in order. Because the dynamics of each sector are different, the strategy should be different.

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